Who is Omar?

Omar Jubran AlGhamdi

An intellectual/science communicator born in 1989 from Jubail Saudi Arabia, he lived his early life in Portsmouth (south of England). Famous for his wealth of knowledge in many fields as well as an uncanny ability to break down complex topics for anyone to understand. Founder of the largest educational YouTube channel in Saudi Arabia (Omar Explains) with major influence for young adults towards self-education and improvement as well as fighting ideologies.

Worked for Saudi Aramco, The Royal Commission of Jubail. Creator for three YouTube channels and several social media pages that awarded him influencer of the year by American publication (Entrepreneur). His other work includes presenting his own reality TV show segments as well as giving many talks in prominent universities.

He is regularly hosted by mainstream media and TV to discuss his views and comment about science and education.

Omar's ultimate grand goal for life is to revive science culture in the middle east by popularizing it and help usher in the Arab renaissance.


Royal Commission of Jubail


Influencer of the year

Al Majd TV


YouTube Channel

Reality TV Host